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New contact data of NETWORK

NETWORK by Post:

c/o Lichtblick GmbH
Muehlenstrasse 19
48317 Drensteinfurt - Germany

NETWORK by phone:

Claudia Fischer
phone: +49 - 25 08 - 21 59 - 0
fax: +49 - 25 08 - 21 59 - 111

Anna G. Keller
phone: +49 - 25 08 - 21 59 - 200

Ulf Benwich / Ronja Bratsch
phone: +49 - 25 08 - 21 59 - 300

Lipolysis News

31.12.16 11:44


21.04.16 11:43

Last call: MASTER Class Injection Lipolysis - Alexandria, Egypt, April 29

The next training course for lipodissolve / injection-lipolysis following the standard protocol of the NETWORK will take place in Alexandria. The main speaker will be Dr. Johannes Müller-Steinmann from Kiel, Germany.

08.11.15 14:24

Dr. Hasengschwandtner Honorary President of the NETWORK-Lipolysis

After more than 10 years of medical network construction Dr. Hasengschwandtner now enjoys the well-deserved retirement ....

10.10.15 13:58

Margrit Lettko has become New Medical Director of the NETWORK-Lipolysis

Dr. Margrit Lettko accepted to succeed as medical director of the network according to Dr. Hasengschwandtner .....

17.09.15 14:36

Berlin Impressions

More than 50 participants from all over the world participated at this year's members meeting...

30.04.15 13:59

First drug approval for injection-lipolysis in USA

Under the trademark Kybella (TM) the company Kythera has received the FDA approval for double chin....more

10.09.14 17:40


10 years NETWORK-Lipolysis - commentary of NETWORK speaker Dirk Brandl...

31.12.13 17:10

Happy New Year 2014 to all members and friends of the NETWORK

16.10.13 15:27

Every week new articles and publications about Injection-Lipolysis/Lipodissolve

Nearly every week new articles are published in medical journals...

19.04.13 14:33

American Study Proves Efficacy and Safety of PC-DC Injections

For the first time, the results which have now been published in the renowned Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ) of a study by American doctors that was commissioned by the ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) confirm the efficacy and low risk of injection lipolysis treatment.

19.12.12 15:02

Next Training May 4, 2013 in London

For further information please contact Anna +49-2508-2159-201 or write an email ...more

23.07.12 18:15

Switzerland: Injection lipolysis now legal as a formula magistralis

Medical law expert Prof. Poledna achieves success jointly with the NETWORK...more

20.06.12 18:28

M.A.S.T.E.R.-Conference 2012

A brief review...

The speakers of this year's event

18.06.12 18:21

Aesthetic Holidays 2012

A brief assessment...more

17.02.12 18:25

MASTER-Conference 2012 Majorca

Hot news about injection lipolysis and mesotherapy June 11...

19.01.12 14:41

Publications 2 - Ruhr University Bochum - Lipoma

Recurrent growth of lipomas after previous treatment with phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate...more

14.12.11 18:05

International Aesthetic Holidays and MASTER-Conference 2012

June 11-14, 2012
Majorca, Spain.....more

05.12.11 16:10

Chinese delegation visits the NETWORK

On 8 November, we were able to welcome a delegation from the People’s Republic of China ...

23.11.11 17:41

NETWOK members give preliminary assessment of ATX-101

Members of our Scientific und Medical Advisory Boards have given their first assessment regarding the product ATX-101 (Kythera-Intendis)....

10.11.11 13:36

Programme 2012 Globalhealth Academy

In 2012, the Globalhealth Academy will offer a comprehensive programme of training in all important minimally invasive therapies...

03.10.11 17:34

ATX-101 - New lipolysis drug in Phase 3 multicentre study

The American start-up Kythera Inc. and BAYER subsidiary Intendis cooperating on licensing of ATX-101....

24.09.11 14:41

Publications 1 - Garsing Wong et al.

With the introduction of this new feature we would like to inform our readers about actual injection-lipolysis publications....

04.07.11 14:20

France: Return to common sense

The controversial decree by the French health authorities banning all minimally invasive therapies for fat reduction has been revoked....

28.06.11 15:23

Aesthetic Holidays 2011 Mallorca 23-26. June: a super event

More than 60 participants took advantage of the opportunity to gather and discuss in a relaxed atmosphere....

Complete group practices among those attending

20.04.11 17:40

France: ......calling from middle ages........

Dear Members and Friends of NETWORK-Globalhealth,

A cry for help has reached us from our colleagues in France, where a ministerial decree came into force 2 weeks ago which constitutes a massive restriction on medical freedom and which we wish to inform you about by this letter. The letter from our French colleagues is ....

11.04.11 12:52

Lipolysis: Lipostabil N no longer available on the market

NETWORK members have alternative treatment options....more

01.04.11 14:39

Workshop in Beijing

Dr. Justin Hao, certified NETWORK trainer presented Lipolysis and more to 50 physicians of P.R. China.....

Doublechin treatment during the workshop

10.02.11 14:09

Aesthetic Holidays 2011

Aesthetic Holidays 2011 Sharm El-Sheikh cancelled....more

06.01.11 15:27

The University of Florence has published a study of the treatment of buffalo hump on HIV patients

The study has been published in the January issue of the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery...more

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