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Lipolysis News

10.11.11 13:36

Programme 2012 Globalhealth Academy

In 2012, the Globalhealth Academy will offer a comprehensive programme of training in all important minimally invasive therapies...

The broad-based acceptance of the NETWORK training philosophy of objectivity and neutrality has encouraged us to also offer this concept for other minimally invasive therapies. Also for our new courses, we have succeeded in winning recognized experts with years of theoretical and practical experience from among the ranks of the NETWORK members.
In 2012 we will, for the first time, offer an almost complete range of training courses in various minimally invasive therapies on different levels; however, these will only be available on a very limited scale in English.

We have now divided the Academy training courses into 3 areas:
Area 1: Basic training courses in aesthetic medicine
Participants: People with no previous experience, and update for practitioners with a low application frequency
Area 2: New therapy options
Participants: Updates for beginners and seasoned practitioners
Area 3: Advanced training courses and special topics
Participants: Advanced practitioners

A brief note on our Aesthetic Holidays 2012 on Mallorca: We are planning to extend our Aesthetic Holidays by one day, when our MASTER-Conference 2012 will be held, in order to present in a clearly structured manner, everything new that there is to know in the field of lipolysis and mesotherapy. Therefore, if you are still planning a holiday, German dialogue partners will also be available in the week previously.

The dates are as follows:
Aesthetic Holidays German: 7-10 June
MASTER Conference International: 11 June
Aesthetic Holidays International: 12-14 June

Please already make a note of these dates in your calendar so that after receipt of the programme, you can put together your own individual combination of courses. We are already hard at work in coordinating all the trainers and courses. Further information will follow soon.


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