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Lipolysis News

23.11.11 17:41

NETWOK members give preliminary assessment of ATX-101

Members of our Scientific und Medical Advisory Boards have given their first assessment regarding the product ATX-101 (Kythera-Intendis)....

The main outcome of our survey of the members was, first of all, that the NETWORK very much welcomed the fact that a global player is seeking to register a product that will make the work of the NETWORK-Lipolysis easier in future. There were, however, also doubts among those who responded as to whether deoxycholic acid (DOC) as the sole active ingredient would not act too aggressively on the fatty tissue. Especially Prof. Lukas Prantl of Regensburg University, who has conducted and published studies into the efficacy of desoxycholic acid and the second active substance used in Lipostabil, i.e. polyenylphosphatidylcholine, drew attention to the fact that DOC, a bile acid, is an aggressive substance, and pointing out that in combination with phosphatidylcholine its aggressiveness is toned down; he also remarked that the combination of the two substances together has the further advantage that the fat cells are not just destroyed (lipodestructive effect), but also emptied (lipolytic effect).
However, it is intended to wait for the Phase 3 study to be completed under the licensing procedure and scrutinize the results when they are published. Only then will it be possible to make a final assessment.


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