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Lipolysis News

20.06.12 18:28

M.A.S.T.E.R.-Conference 2012

A brief review...

The speakers of this year's event

With its top-class speakers, the M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference 2012 concerned itself with general trends in the field of aesthetic medicine and looked in particular at the concrete developments in injection lipolysis and aesthetic mesotherapy.

In a general paper, Dr. Michael Weidmann considered the current developments in the field of aesthetic medicine. Growth rates in double-digit figures continue to be forecast for all minimally invasive therapies for the next few years, with the Asian and Latin American markets recording the strongest rates of growth.

For the time being, there are not many new developments in the technical equipment field to be expected. The body shaping sector, in particular, which in the past few years has been supplied with ultrasonic devices from a large number of equipment manufacturers, has recently found itself facing problems: the equipment devices are not yet fully developed in technical terms and have failed to produce the promised results; in some cases also - as paradoxical as this may sound - serious side-effects have been reported. There is hope, however, that the new generation of ultrasound devices will gradually start to produce improved results, without risk for the patients.

The paper by Dr. Klaus Hoffman, of Ruhr University Bochum, described the results currently achieved by ultrasound technology and came to the same conclusions as Dr. Weidmann.

There were 2 highlights in the field of lipolysis: Dr. Havlickova, of the company Intendis/Bayer, reported exclusively and for the first time on the progress in the registration process for the new lipolysis medication ATX-101. The results presented give grounds for hope that a product will soon be available that is registered and approved specifically to treat “double chin”. Many thanks to Intendis for their trust and cooperation.

That there may be more than one road to heaven was demonstrated by Adj. Prof. Karl-Josef Gundermann, who - also for the first time - presented results for a new substance combination which is being developed by the NETWORK for subcutaneous lipolysis injection. While Intendis’s product works with desoxycholic acid, a bile acid, the other new product presented contains, as its active substances, a combination of phosphatidylcholin and a plant extract. The study results presented show it to be virtually free of side-effects in application; however, the studies are not yet completed, i.e. they are not so far advanced as those of Intendis.

There is also a genuine highlight to report in the field of mesotherapy: the NETWORK-AestheticMeso is continuing to vigorously pursue its efforts towards validating the treatment results. The main problem with mesotherapy has been in the past that there was no comparability between results because each therapist worked with different substances and to different treatment protocols. Dr. Weidmann, medical director of the NETWORK-AestheticMeso, presented the results of a survey of 20 members who all worked to the same protocols and used the same mixtures. He thus also demonstrated that we are slowly moving towards scientific standards in this area, even if the number of practitioners involved - i.e. only 20 - does not yet allow any general conclusions to be drawn.

In the further course of the conference, two theme areas were systematically dealt with: In a highly informative paper, Dr. Justin Hao, Taiwan, summed up all the known complications arising in connection with injection lipolysis and the treatment protocols, while Dr. Marcel Baumüller, Italy, reported on the reduction in side-effects such as swelling and haematomas through Degozym, the new NETWORK food supplement containing two purely plant-based enzymes, bromelain and papain, which should be used for all aesthetic treatments. As soon as the registration of Degozym as a food supplement has been completed, we will inform you about the availability of Degozym.

And finally, we are pleased to report that, as part of the M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference, the NETWORK presented Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner with “The Golden Mesorelle” in recognition for his outstanding contribution to the development of the lipolysis therapy and his exemplary support and assistance in building the NETWORK.

Many, many thanks for all your NETWORK activities, dear Franz, on behalf of all members whom you have led onto the right path with your consistently informative and entertaining courses, and also on behalf of the whole NETWORK team.


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